Frequently asked questions

My daughter has a conflict and will not be able to make any of the tryouts. Will you be scheduling another one?

We have a running tryout on weekdays and Sundays for Spring and Summer. Click on our tryout page for more info.

My daughter plays indoor club right now and does not have a lot of time for beach. What is the commitment level?

For the majority of our club players, we require advanced notice of practice attendance in order to better plan practice, court-space and staff, but we do not require attendance itself. We want players who are intrinsically motivated, love the game, and look forward to practice. If a player feels obligated to attend practice, then they are probably in the wrong sport. The exception to this rule is our year-round elite teams. Since these groups are so small, players are expected to be at every practice in the winter and spring unless agreed upon with communication between coach and player.

Does my daughter need a partner to tryout?

No this is not a requirement but it is highly encouraged that your daughter bring friends to the tryout. The more partner options, and the earlier those options are available, the better. Finding the perfect partner is a numbers game. The more options, the better chance of finding that person you really vibe with.

My daughter plays up on her indoor team. Should she play up one age-group for beach?

Not necessarily. There are fundamental skills that each of our players must have before they move on to the next level of training. Many of these skills are very different than the skills a player develops playing indoor. Skills as simple as the way an athlete jumps on the sand are very different than indoor. We do make exceptions to this as we see fit. We are always balancing what is best for the athlete with what is best for the team. Not sure what age group your eligible to play in? Visit the CBVA age Eligibility web page.

How does my daughter get selected for the traveling team?

We will select some of our pairs for the traveling team at tryouts while others we will wait to see how they progress during Spring and start of Summer season. This decision is also dependent on when tournament registrations become due for both of our travel tournaments (BVCA, AAU nationals)

How are BVCA bids selected?

The bid selection process is based on a combination of commitment and results. Naturally the longer an athlete trains with us, the better their results should be. We use NorCal points to inform this decision as well. Now that we have a year-round program, we will not give bids for 16u and up who are not showing up to practice consistently. We will look primarily to those who are training starting in Spring or before. For 14u and below, we will require our BVCA players to start training with us in Spring.

What tournaments do you attend?

We attend the specified tournaments on our tournament page.

Why is your program cost more than the one my indoor club is providing me?

Most indoor programs provide more of a camp based beach program in which athletes have drop in coaches and such coaches do not attend tournaments. Our coaches attend all Santa Cruz CBVA, select weekend tournaments, and select travel events. Visit our tournaments page for more info. As a year round beach-only club, we are committed to providing a team experience in which coaches are committed to the development of the athletes. By attending tournaments, coaches are able to assess the needs of their athletes and modify training to meet those needs. They also provide technical, strategic, and emotional support during these events. For those wanting more of a camp based program at a lower cost, we offer our summer flex pass which included 16 sessions one can use at any point in the summer. This pass is for training sessions only and does not include tournament coaching.

Are tournaments included?

Tournaments are not included in the membership but discounts are provided to the ones we run ourselves. There are many different tournament entities and we provide a curated list of tournaments for your daughter to register on our website, rather than you having to search all different types of websites for the events coming up, you will have them all there in front of you in chronological order with links to registration.

How do I sign up for tournaments?

For CBVA - California Beach Volleyball Association tournaments, go to their website: First, register as a member. Second, register for the tournaments you would like to participate in. Please note that registration for all Santa Cruz CBVA events, both juniors and adults will open up: 4 WEEKS AND 1 DAY BEFORE THE ACTUAL DAY OF THE EVENT so sign up early! Spots fill up quickly.

Do you partner the athletes?

We will partner the athletes on select club vs club tournaments where the format is noted. However, most tournaments where registration is completed by the player, it is up to the player to find a partner. We provide tools for the player to help her partner and make recommendations during practice. Our coaches have all lived through the ins and outs of finding beach partners and are well equipped to guide your daughter in this process.

What types of opportunities are there to play in college?

There are currently around 80 Universities that have beach programs. Among those 80 schools, about a quarter of them have separate fully funded programs with 6 equivalency scholarships. (equivalency means the program has the ability to split the scholarships up into partial scholarships) This means that there many opportunities for your daughter to not only play a D1 NCAA sport, but also have scholarship opportunities within that sport. Not only that, because the sport is just gaining in popularity, those who choose to play are finding opportunities to play for programs traditionally are very competitive for indoor volleyball. IE: We currently have alumni in attendance at such schools as LMU, FSU, UCLA, USC among others. We have also had former players commit to programs such as Cal, USC, and SJSU.

Can I compete for another club while a member of SandLegs?

No, we expect our athletes to compete for 1 club throughout the season. We do not train athletes from other clubs.

My daughter cannot make a lot of practices in the summer, can we have a cheaper price?

For these types of situations we offer the summer flex pass. This pass allows a player to drop in for 16 session at any point in the summer. This pass does not offer tournament coaching as we expect our teams that are representing us in tournaments to be committed to their team for the duration of the summer season.

My daughter is playing in a tournament in ______, can you coach her?

We only provide coaching at the tournaments on our recommended tournamnets page. We expect our athletes to prioritize those events. We want to be able to coach our athletes but only have so many coaches and cannot provide coaching for just one or two pairs. Alot of what we do to organize is to consolidate our players into one event so that we may provide them coaching more consistently. WE WANT to coach our players in events so that we can help theymon game day as well as know what they need to work on when we head back to practice. Your partnership in helping us do that is so very much appreciated. It starts with looking at our list of events and prioritizing the ones on that list. Thank you!

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, will practice/tournament be canceled?

We do not trypically cancel practice just because it's raining. We only cancel if the conditions are deemed unsave. IE: pouring rain and 15mph+ winds in combo. In such a situation, we will cancel the session, your mindbody account will automatically be credited. For tournaments, you will receive a refund via Paypal.

What is your refund policy?

Classes must be booked in advance through the site or MINDBODY app.
All refunds will be in the form of credit to your MINDBODY account.
For tournaments, request for refunds must be made 72 hrs prior to event. And all refunds will be in a form of credit, which you may use in our future tournaments.

Can a member of a volleyball team participate in organized “two player” volleyball competition during his or her high school season of sport?

Yes - Any volleyball player who participates in organized “two player” volleyball competition during his or her high school season of sport would not be in violation of the “outside competition”

When are tryouts?​

Athletes are required to a tryout sessions prior to purchasing a package with Sandlegs. Click HERE for tryout dates and times. You can also sign-up to our Newsletter, so we can notify you with the latest tryouts schedule. Likewise, you can tryout at any practice by purchasing a single session.


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