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Maddie Dailey: TeamMember

Maddie Dailey

Assistant Coach

Maddie, a SandLegs Alum, is now a Freshman on the Stanford University Beach Volleyball team and has been playing beach for around 6 years.  She saw her volleyball beginnings in indoor then found a love for the beach and transitioned to being full time on the sand.  She can’t wait to start her first college season and get after it with some of the best players in the country, hopefully playing in one of the starting 5 pairs.  Maddie has helped coach both indoor and sand volleyball throughout her career but is excited to take a more direct role in the coaching process.  Being excited about learning and working hard to succeed are some of the best qualities a player can have and Maddie is looking forward to sharing this love for growing the game with future players.  She is planning on studying Biology with a focus on Neuroscience and hopes to pursue a career in Emergency medicine and clinical research.

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