Transitioning to College Beach, By Jordan Polo

How SandLegs prepared me.

  I have been training with SandLegs for the past seven years, and the impact this club has made on my physical and mental game was astronomical. Not only did I learn the skill set needed to execute on the court with the help of the SandLegs coaches, but I was able to develop a consistent mental grit that allowed me to excel, especially now at the college level.

    When I got to Cal this past August, the transition from juniors to collegiate beach volleyball was so smooth. I felt so prepared for collegiate training because it was so similar to the drills and workouts that SandLegs had me doing for years before. I had already learned to constantly compete, even in practice, and developed sustainable endurance through tough SandLegs practices which made the switch to collegiate beach volleyball very manageable and not overwhelming.

    I am so thankful for the past few years training with such a competitive and driven program. I would not have felt nearly as prepared for college beach volleyball without the practices and mental coaching I received through SandLegs.

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